You got to take people- as you find them

You have to take people- as you find them.   The guy down the hall likes biker stuff.  Likes to drink beer, etc.  But he’s a good guy,  he’s always dealt fairly with me.   We all want to make the world over, into our own image.

I like Warren Buffet, and admire the way he became wealthy,  just investing in ordinary stuff!

I do not like energy drinks, but enjoy smoothies.   No one else likes them around here- more berries for me! LOL

I’ll be hitting that Farmer’s market,  and looking for the discounted fruits and vegetables that are about to be tossed.  You can get them cheap,  and just throw away the bad ones.  The mooshy ones will freeze,  and you can have that tasty smoothie.    They are really cutting down on my food intake, and they taste great.  I feel good after drinking them.


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