My Favorite YouTube Music to Work By

I mentioned this in a prior post.. today I was airbrushing T shirts and I started to listen to this YouTube relaxing music stream.  I am a junkie for these,  and listen to as much ‘New Age’ and ‘Ambience’ music as I can find.  I listen to it all-  Dick Sutphen,  Kelly Howell,  Guided Meditation, Binaural Beats,  OM chanting,  Gregorian Monks.    These take the cake for inspiration and music to work by.

Relaxing Music- 8 Hours Study Sleep Yoga.

It is the bomb- so far.   I search around,  and it is like I find one jewel that is more beautiful than the last one.   Some of the shirts I made- I like, and some not.   I sit and drink a coffee..and contemplate the shirts,   my life, and the lives of the people around me.

Don’t make no money at it.   I love to do it though, it is FUN.

Hold the phone… here is..the 2nd volume even better what great taste the poster has!

Relaxation Music – Vol.2 – 11 Albums – 10+ Hrs

I’ll bet the rest of the volumes are just as good.   These playlists are the finest I know of.

Hamtaro Blog (Small)





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