The Story of the Course in Miracles

The Story of the Course in Miracles  I found this excellent link,  I cannot even remember where I got it.  I got it from the Spiritualist Yahoo group.   I like these uplifting thoughts, and forgot that I had been studying them.   It is fine stuff to read,  as we are caught up in the ego world of stress and strife, sickness, disease,  crime,  and fear.

It is FEAR that seems to grip the world, and I am no different.  I am a fearful sheep.  The grip of fear has me every day.  Man- you name it!  Running out of gas.  Getting into trouble.  And about #1- RUNNING OUT OF MONEY!

We are poor, but we are getting it done.   But we want something more than just dealing with pain, and crisis that is constantly arising.  I like listening to the spiritualist teachers.  Got it back inside,  got some food,  got stuff to study on YouTube.  It ain’t bad!  I even got popcorn too,  if I want it.

The Most Powerful Spiritual Video 

This is a Video with Ekhart Tolle.   Just allow the world to be,  without adding anything to it.  Well,  that is what he says, and he is surviving these days.


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