KC Falls and Bursts Her Eardrum

I have to take KC down to the E.R.  I’m going to get some ambulance sirens for my car.  I have to move my car outta my “spot” that is in the security cams.. and it is annoying.   BUT.. it turns out KC has a burst ear drum.    She had fainted, and it could have happened them.  It also could have happened when GP slammed her into the french doors.

Her hair is falling out and has a huge spot.. but that is from where she got drug around by her hair.  The doctors say it might be something very bad,  but I am not at liberty to say what that might be.

When you take someone to Truman, it is often an All night affair.  I didnt get back till 04:00 but then I used Youtube to put me back to sleep.    It is creepy driving around the inner city at night.

That ain’t nothin.   Fred was in the hospital for 3 weeks.  BUT.. I am still leery of  “whop in the head Fred.”   He likes to whop people, and I do not like this.  People are fragile,  just as they are.  It is for the Lord to decide what happens to them.   All sorts of stuff happen to people- including death.  I read on the internet that a Ruptured ear drum will actually heal up.   Which I didn’t know.

It is my brother’s birthday.   He just lost his vehicle,  the transmission or clutch is out of it.

“I received your letter yesterday,  about the time the doorknob broke.   You ask me how I am doing- is that some kind of joke?” – Bob Dylan


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