I want to move to Thailand- and be a Nobody

Being a nobody in Thailand might be more fun than being a Nobody here.  I know the other nobodies.    So,  I’d like to try it over there for a while.  They have fun train rides,  beaches, and lots of other neat stuff.   One thing that impresses me, is the transport.  You don’t need a car over there,  not really.   In the USA you MUST have one,  it is almost, a MUST thing.   People do without them, but, well.. it is not that good.  Public transport might be pretty good,  even fun.   The trains look really fun and affordable.   I took the Amtrak once here,  up to Milwaukee, and it was FUN.

It would be FUN to take one of these trains!  Especially the sleeper cars.   Too bad they don’t have them in the USA anymore,  at least not that cheap.  Passenger trains are a novelty item in the USA.   It was cheap and fun when I did it years ago, but now it is expensive and unreliable.

On the other hand,  I am looking at the recent unrest in Thailand, and the rising number of crimes against tourists.   Lately, the crimes have been much more vicious.   It seems to be that drunkenness.   A lot of people get shanghaied when they are drunk,  and looking for vice.   I can’t get over how many people can go through life with this habit!  I can do nothing when I am drunk,  and it makes me feel sick.   It’s been 19 years since I have been drunk.  It’s too bad.  Thailand seems a beautiful country.  Mexico, is even MORE beautiful.  But people are saying not to go there.

WHERE... is a happy place, on this earth?   It’s a dangerous goddam world.   I keep thinking of splitting.. but other places seem even worse!

I look out the window and there are 3 cop cars and a fire truck.  Some of the Nobodies are sick, in a fight, or whatever.


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