Everybody You MEET..has been through Hell

That is my take on it.  Want to get revenge on people?  People go through such hell you cannot stay mad at them long!  At least I can’t.   Tonya comes over,  her car still messed up,  overheating.   I pick up KC and take her to the store- her scalp still all messed up losing her hair.    She’s got that huge bald spot where that fuckin’ Duke ripped her hair out.

People have this problem,  they have that problem.   They had all kinds of stuff happen to them.  I just pray.. and I mean just KEEP ON PRAYING!

Now Tonya is disappointed in small claims court.  SHE WAITED TOO LONG!   That is the key.. you cannot wait.. cannot procrastinate.  In my opinion the court system,  the justice system has been slanted away from the consumer,  away from the poor,  since that son of a bitch Ronald Reagan.   She only waited thirty days.  Jeez.  That guy that did the car,  I have had dealings with him.. eh let’s just say he’s out for the money.  I found them highly incompetent,  and had to go to another garage to fix something he screwed up.   He screwed up the whole front spindle on my Isuzu,  just trying to get the rotor off.  The boneheads did not even know how to remove the Isuzu spindle.

Tall Deb Staggering Around.   I don’t see how many people are still standing.   She gives me a KOTC,  and I can smell the rotgut she drinks.   She is surprisingly well groomed and neat,  despite her alcoholism.   She drinks the WORST shit.  Like Wild Irish Rose.   Many local alkies are like this- well groomed.   They look better than me!  My beard is always half grown out.   My anxiety is absolutely chronic.


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