Automotive Dependency in the USA

People are automotive dependent.  My brother decides to go live out in the suburbs with my nephew.  He works down here, in the inner city.   That is how I ended up here.   I was working at a trucking company,  and I wanted to be as close as I possibly could to the Yard where the trucks were.

Well..  now he fucks up the transmission on the truck!  Eh it was already jacked up from when he got it stuck in the snow.   The transmission just “started working” and so we shrugged and let it go.  Well.. now the damn thing went out.  It is a old 1989 F150.

People in the USA are like these helpless fucks dependent upon these machines.   They are expensive to maintain,  keep fuel in, and keep insurance on.  Heh- if you even have it!

Even if you live locally,  it is hard for the poor, old, or disabled to get around to get things,  then cart them back to their home.   Automotive repair shops are expensive, and often run by incompetent sharks.  They are often just fuckin’ merciless.   Some of them downright crooks.

People act like it is a “given”..  like they can just buy a cheap car and it will run forever.  Which reminds me,  I need to put the valve cover gasket on that old BMW.   People act like I am a taxicab too,  like that car is just this magic thing.. that magically keeps going.   They get pissed at me when I won’t do it.


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