Friday Night at the Movies

Friday night at the Youtube.  I get my fresh hit of drama as I watch  “Open Range” arguably the best Western ever made.   The man who wrote the screenplay,  Craig Storper,  I don’t even see his name on the credits.   Digging deeper,  the original story was “The Open Range Men” by Lauran Paine.

Kevin Costner’s  character is a roller coaster of internal conflict,  the bad guys are all mean as they can be.    What a great movie!  The acting is great.  The script is great,  the gunfight is the best one I have ever seen in a Western.  The tension is great,  the romance is great.   The timing is great.  This is great direction and production.    Kevin Costner made a great choice when he selected that script.


Now it is back to the real world of the poor, sick, and afflicted .   These kind of battered people,  with a kind of.. sickness.   It is like this .. Survival.   A crime story.  I see buildings for sale for $6,000 here.  Who would even give them $6,000?

One of the worst cities, in the worst states,  the state of Missouri.

I start watching Charles Bukowski’s  “Barfly” with Mickey Rourke,  which is supposed to be great.  It is depressing, and reminds me of around here.   My crib is not that bad..not as the bad the one depicted in that movie.  Actually,  I got quite a nice rig.   A networked computer system.   Air conditioners.   Tools.   Man, I do not WANT to live like Charles Bukowski.  I do not want to live like many people around here.  This movie is supposed to be great, but I can’t even finish watching it.


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