Microwave Potato Bag

I bought one of these on Ebay.  It was pretty cheap,  but you can also make them yourself.  Today I tried it out.   Put a Large-Med potato in it.   It was not a huge spud, but not a medium one either.

I have a cheap GE Microwave from Wally Mart.   It is flat out the cheapest one,  and is rated 700 watts.  It took 6 minutes before I was certain it was done.  I didn’t pierce the potato, not at first.   I nuked it for 4 minutes,  then one more minute,  pierced it,  then 1 more minute.

Came out good!  I just ate the spud,  with sour cream and butter and bacon bits.   Still,  Microwave is not as good as Oven baked.

The thing is “OK”.   But it’s not a real game changer in my book.

I got a big 10lb bag of white spuds.  I want to try making Hasselback Potatoes.


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