Let YouTube put you to Sleep

I have problems sleeping..getting to sleep.  I came upon some sound effects tracks on YouTube.   Oh these are just great!  Here is ’12 Hours of a Ferocious Thunderstorm’

There just TONS more of them!  Here’s a few of my favorites:

There are many more!  Sounds of a box fan,  sound of a Boeing 777.  There are long tracks of sounds for meditation and inspiration, etc.  Healing sounds,  Tibetian bowls.   They have really helped me, and I thank the authors that put them up on YouTube.  It is just great stuff.

The Tibetan Healing sounds are just great,  I am right now listening to this one for the first time.. I woke up after Listening to ‘Windy Night’ that put me to sleep.

I like the Relaxation music,  the long ones, as I try to figure out complicated software.  Depending on the tastes of the creator,  it’s better than smooth jazz,  classical,  better than anything.  I am studying Animation software now,  it is complicated whew!  I have yet to even start, to hardly open the software as I study the tutorials.


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