Friday Night is Fright Night

It is Friday Night- time to lock the doors, and BOLT the windows.  All the local drunks will be at the convenience stores- stocking up on stupid juice.   I  go down to the Market and some toothless dude is talking about how nobody comes up on HIM!  He’s got his .380 pistol.   The dude don’t have a tooth in his mouth,  he don’t even look like he is 30 years old,  with a bunch of crummy,  do- it-yourself tattoos decorating his body.

Yep.  It’s another ‘gangsta’- that can’t afford bus fare.

And drugs?  That shit just WON’T GO AWAY.   It just won’t.   Maybe the government should make bananas illegal or potatoes,  then people would want that shit, more than their life, or their freedom,  which happens in Northeast all of  the time.


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