“Easy” Slow Cooker Yogurt

Home Made Yogurt in the crock pot.  I am studying this one right now.  Yes yes..there is the NFL draft.. there is this and that.   But what about US?  Friday night is for keeping your head low, and making something nice to eat,  if you have it.   It is a night to pray for people in your life, and in your past, and to pray for others feels very good.   It makes you feel good, it really does.

Someone is yelling outside and there is some kind of commotion going on.  But I ain’t going out there to see what it is!

Anyways.. this yogurt could be a little revolution for me.   Yogurt isn’t that cheap,  at least in the quantities I want to use it.   If you can make or get the Greek type, it is very high protein also.  I never liked it before.  I like all the stuff that is BAD for me!  Like McDonalds, for instance.  Supposedly this is easy to make in the slow cooker.   Note that it takes a little powdered milk,  but it is worth it,  because you won’t have to strain it in cheese cloth.   It makes a huge batch of yogurt.  A gallon of it in fact,  for the price of a gallon of milk.    Eh.. which is not cheap these days!


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