Cheap Protein for Smoothies

The price of beef is through the roof.  The price of beef has risen to $5lb and even more.  Pork is following suit.  My diet through most of life was the “American Truck Driver” diet.  Eh..meat, potatoes, bacon and eggs.   It made me fat,  lethargic, and sickly.   I am 6’1″ 278lbs and it is NOT muscle.

In addition,  my food doesn’t make me feel good.  It tastes good,  like McDonalds,  but after eating I am not energetic, but lethargic.

The past couple weeks I have been using that Blender to make smoothies,  and want to step up to protein powder, but it is expensive.   So I read up on it,  and found this link by Deena Shanker.

This morning I tried some Oatmeal in my Blueberry/Banana smoothie, and lo and behold.  It blended right in!  There’s no Oatmeal taste (even though it wouldn’t be bad).   It cut the oats up and it blended right in, with only a few small granules visible.  I only used 1 tablespoon, ‘cos there wasn’t much Oatmeal left.   I am going to run to the Aldi and get some Steel Cut oats.  I always put my remaining coffee on top of the ingredients,  to melt the frozen fruit so the blender will work better.   Works like a champ.

Even Egg yolks are cheaper than the protein powder.   Deena Shanker lists a whole bunch of them on the above link.


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