Price Chopper

I go to the Price Chopper.  I hardly ever go there.   The Apple Market is closed down.   Snyder’s is a tad expensive,  SAV A Lot is too far and did not have the same thing I wanted,  neither did Aldis.   I was looking for loose,  bagged popcorn, and also Jolly Time “Blast o’ Butter” microwave popcorn.   The loose popcorn is  a good deal.   A whole bag of it,  2lbs for $2.   I like to play  “Friday Night and Saturday Night at the YouTube”.  My favorite movies are the Giallos.  I like Charlie Chan movies.   I like ‘Spooky night in the creepy old house’ type stuff.

At Price Chopper that “Anniversary Sale” is on, and I bought these steamed vegetables for 59 cents.   I bought corn, and broccoli.   That corn I just tried boy it is GOOD.   Hmm.. I love frozen, creamed, and corn on the cob,  but thought it had little nutritional value.   Here is a link about corn.  It’s not too bad at all.   Boy I enjoyed that steamer packet of corn!

Didn’t try the broccoli, not yet.  They had lots of other stuff on sale too,  for the Anniversary.


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