Pax Obama

I am watching ‘Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.’ on YouTube.   If Rome was ‘civilization’ then you can have it.  They loved endless war.  Very few of the Roman Emperors died of natural causes.  A few of them reigned for a long time,  such as Constantine I.   He was emperor for 31 years.

I LIKE Obama, and wish he could run again.   Peace is certainly nice.  The barbarians that the Romans conquered weren’t as cruel as the Romans.   That’s how the Romans got to be civilized- by being crueler than the people they conquered.

Who are the republicans gonna run?  Agrippina?  Caligula?  The republicans are going to force everyone to watch broadcast TVee again!   There will be a ‘Miley Cyrus’ picture in every household.   They’ll be like the emperor Diocletian.   We must all watch football.   We must all watch country music.  We must all watch- whatever.


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