Mexican Chamoy

I tried some Chamoy today.  It’s always on sale,  only 50 cents for a large bottle.   This is a made out of lime, and other ingredients.  It’s a condiment for fruit,  I guess.  It is really good on oranges.  It has sort of a salty taste,  “sort of salty” is how I describe it,  but it’s got a taste all it’s own.

Tastes good on fruit!  AND the price is right.  I am freezing fruit so I can make smoothies.   Floyd Mayweather probably don’t eat the junk that I eat!

That is what I am like!  I love soda pop,  sweet snacks,  hot dogs.   The only clue that I have is how BAD I feel after I eat them.

The Jarrito Soda pop is said to be good for marinades.  I am trying that out now on some Sav A Lot chicken breasts.   I am marinating some in the Pina (pineapple) flavor soda pop.   Pineapple juice is too expensive.

I am using this recipe,  Better than Pollo Loco  but whoops, I forgot the minced Jalapenos.   I made some El Pollo Loco copy cat salsa too.   It’s chilling in the refrigerator right now.

Update:  the Chicken was pretty good.  My salsa was NOT.  I put lime in the salsa, and I suspect that it gave a sort of  “fishy” taste to it.   Chicken was good though.   The Chamoy is NOT good on chicken.   That stuff is for fruit, and it tastes very good on oranges and other fruits.


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