A Blender: Smoothies

I have just discovered smoothies.   I broke down and bought a Blender since I could not find a good enough deal at the Thrift Store, or the Family Dollar.  I bought a Hamilton Beach Wave Express and had it sent from Wally Mart.   It is worth it to spend the money for shipping since Wally Mart is so far away.

I would give smoothie recipes, but you can find them elsewhere.  I use fruit that is on sale, and there is quite a lot of it on sale now.  Bananas are almost always cheap.   Freeze them- it is EASY to freeze them.   Incredibly- in all these years,  I had never thought about this!

That Blender gonna be great for saving money on sauces and condiments.  You can make very good salsa,  for instance.  Salsa is surprisingly expensive,  and it is not very good, not really.   The same with Stir Fry sauce.  It’s expensive, when you figure it out.   I dislike almost all of the salsa served at Northeast taco joints, for instance.  My idea of good salsa is El Pollo Loco salsa.

I had thought of a blender as just something you would use for ice cream and Daquiris.. stuff like that, and sort of a waste of money.   The Hamilton Beach is adequate for frozen smoothies,  you have to help it along, but those Smoothies make you feel great.  LOVE IT.   Why didn’t I think of it before?  My brain is fogged.


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