A Homicide behind Texas Toms

Another homicide,  this time,  behind the Texas Tom’s down by Independence Avenue and Hardesty.   A woman gets shot to death in a car.  LOVELY.   It is crazy.   Probably one of the local bad girls, and they are ALL bad girls around here.

When are people gonna get hip to how crazy Northeast is?  And the people.. how crazy THEY really are?  Well,  maybe people are already hip to it, but no one knows what to do.

Things will seem normal.. well,  it’s not too bad, then something horrible will happen.  There are many helping agencies here,  a person can survive.  BUT THEN.. something bad happens, and the shit really hits the fan for some poor soul.

There is crime,  but also illness, and financial problems.   People have a hard time taking care of themselves.    People have very large pressures just going one day to the next.

It’s like a world full of lost human beings.


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