The Floating Neutrinos

I’ve always been fascinated by Poppa Neutrino.   This man took a makeshift raft across the Atlantic, and has made several other voyages.  Compare that to the rut most people are in.  Mr. Neutrino’s exploits are getting a lot better coverage these days.  His name really WAS ‘Poppa Neutrino’- he had it changed.

This is different than me!  I’d prefer “armored fortress” to a life of random adventure.  I study other people who are quite adventurous,  and admire them no end.  I guess that’s why.    I’d like to do the stuff that many people do.    I like to write songs, draw and paint,  but never thought I could make any money doing it.    I drove a truck most of my life.   Why?  Because there is big demand for Semi Truck drivers.   It was boring as all get out.

Most people are just struggling to keep the bills paid, and take whatever comes their way.   Then, they die.    Poppa Neutrino’s most famous raft was The Son of Town Hall   He took this raft across the Atlantic, but there were others.  One he built in the Sea of Cortez, actually.

How he financed his schemes,  I do not know!  I see the things that people do and wonder..”man where does the money come from?  How do they support themselves?”

The man was totally irresponsible- wacky, but interesting.   He had a lot of wives, kids, and couldn’t support them.  But that is not unusual,  selfishness is the disease of humankind.

As I read more about him,  the man was like a Hippy from the 70’s.   Why not?  Beats knocking your brains out in our “Civilization.”  Watching people drop like flies.. in this kind of horror movie.  Except for that money thing.  It seems you can just never get around it.. M-O-N-E-Y is everything.   That money, is all people want.


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