Poor Sue dies

I found out the lady who used to live down the hall from me,  in number 8 died.   Her name was Sue and I always had just a first class opinion of her.   I do not even know Sue’s last name.  She was raising 3 children,  all of them were wonderful,  even her wayward eldest boy who got caught up in drugs.   He was never so bad,  he just developed a bad habit.   Mike was thinking of the Army, and I advised him he would do well there.   He is quiet,  intelligent, and disciplined.   Her daughter was quiet and courteous.  Sue herself was quiet,  God fearing, and courteous.

These poor, and unknown people, you are just a witness to them as they struggle to survive.  That’s all we are.. we are witnesses to one another.

You witness a chord, or a note, but never the song.  You are too busy,  with your own life.

It seems like the best people,  die first.   At least from my experience.  This woman was honest, sincere,  and tried so hard to do right in her life.   She was one of the best people I’ve met around here.

Sue had Hypoglycemia I think.. a condition where here blood sugar got too low.    Her kids are such GOOD kids.    I am so tired of seeing people GET it… and they get hammered all the time!


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