Fright Night- Friday

I call KC to see how she is.  She has to get off the phone,  MORE trouble across the street from her building, and it’s swarming with cops- again!   This is the 2nd night in the row.   Many things seem to happen- and they do not get on the news.   Just like that guy the cops were chasing night before last.   She’s short of food lately,  I gave her a bit last night, and I will get her a bit more.   I find out later, it wasn’t shooting thank GOD.

Then,  I go outside and talk to Lisa, a woman who is living in her Explorer van.   The van has been broke down several nights,  turned out to be just the battery.   She is in one of the Rascal things, one of those electric mobility chairs.   I ask her about her surgeries on her knees- she has huge scars.. they seem almost 12″ long.  I have a bad habit about this.   When I see someone’s injury I will ask them what happened.. it is bad manners I suppose, but I always blurt out.. “what happened to you?”

I watch my Charlie Chan movies on YouTube.


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