The Honorable Charlie Chan

I have been watching Charlie Chan for the past week.   These are old Black and White movies from the 30’s onward.. I think there were 47 different movies.  Just great stuff!  Some comic relief from his sons and Chauffer Birmingham,  old fashioned sleuthing without DNA or FAX machines,  internet or a lab,  helicopters, tanks, or SWAT teams.

Entertaining stuff.  I had a Aldi Momma Cozzi Margherita pissa with it tonight for $3.49.  Macked it up with some cheese and pepperoni.   It is sort of o.k.  They did NOT have the ‘Take N Bake’ thin crust pizzas,  I wonder if Aldi stupidly decided not to carry them.   These are the finest frozen pizzas on the market today.


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