Two Car Chases in One Day in Northeast

I take KC to the Family Dollar.  We are driving down the road I hear the sirens with KC telling me impatiently, “they are way up at the other end!”   A car starts honking then zips past us,   I think that is just because I am driving slow.  Well,  a cop is right behind us,  so KC says..”he’s chasing him!”  So I pull over,  KC lecturing me that I could have got us shot.  Later, we find out this dude was probably fleeing after firing shots at some people at the Van Brunt car wash.

It is a TYPICAL day of trying to solve problems, while being leery of activity around here.   All of the convenience stores that are cheap,  have the most congregation of drug addicts,  thugs, etc, such as Fast Stop on Indiana and Independence Avenue.

You might say I am depressed.

The poor are hammering each other,  and the cops are hammering the poor, who are hammering each other.  Poor people are often not very nice.  NO ONE, is nice.

The poorest treat one another worse than anyone does,  and will rob each other for extremely small amounts of money, often giving a beating to boot.

Don’t have the money to move away from here.   I want to go to Mexico and be a medical tourist,  to soak in the Mineral Hot springs, because I flat out like the doctors down there better than here.    All of my family’s health ranges from bad, to very bad.   We are dying like the Last of the Mohicans.   American health care is like being plugged into a machine.  I told one doctor.. “I want you to LOOK at me.  LOOK at me!”  They just sit there and twink on a computer.   Going to the doctor in the USA is a impersonal experience,  even though they are going to be more intimate with your body than anyone you have ever met.

Politicians argue and rage.   Obama has been good for the sick and elderly,  but the IRS still hammers the poor’s like we are just being clobbered from every side.    I like Obama,  I like the Democrats better than the Republicans.

Where is sanity?  Where is a peaceful place on this earth?   There are probably lots of them,  you just got to HAVE THAT MONEY.    It surely is not going to happen living in my home state of “Misery.”

LATER This night.. Over on Bellafountaine ANOTHER hassle is happening,  and I don’t even want to know what it is.  Cop cars all over,  even the TVee truck.   I am so depressed I am not curious anymore.  KC wants to find out what it is.. man.. I am sick of it.   SICK of IT.

Here, is what that was all about..*groann*.  Another car chase.



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