The Poor and the IRS

Most people get into trouble with the IRS by Non Filing.  It happens to the wealthy, and to the poor.  But get this- they don’t care HOW little you have, they will just be at your bank account.    Someone I know this happened to, then they call me.  I give them my advice:  “WELL FILE YOUR FUCKIN’ TAXES.”  

No one cares if it is unfair.  You ain’t gonna be a hero by protesting.  People will just watch them steam roll RIGHT OVER YOU.

The IRS does have mechanisms for dealing with problems, but YOU MUST DEAL WITH THEM..and don’t start giving them shit!

Go ahead, be a protester.  Find out what happens!  No one will give a fuck if they “disappear” you.   I negotiated out of some problems many years ago.  People act like I am in the frickin’ mafia or something!  Like I’ve got this genius knowledge.

The tax system is unfair, it’s unfair as the dickens, but that is not going to get you out of it.   In the USA, half the time we are dealing and negotiating, with this CRAP.   But you HAVE to play the game,  unfortunately.

It’s like you are in a sea of sharks, really.    Freedom?  You could’ve fooled me.   I read the stories of Kim Basinger,  Grand Funk Railroad and Terry Knight,  Michael Jackson.   How people are AT one another,  morning, noon, and night.

So anyways.. FILE your taxes- whoever you are!


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