Every day it is SURVIVAL

Every day.. it is SURVIVAL.  I call KC to check that she has some food.  Yeah FOOD!  Heck I don’t got no sexy girl friend.  “Sexy” as in- let’s have something to eat.   Gotta go back to the VA and have some stuff checked.. my arm is stiff and sore after I had it rebuilt,  but it’s been 2 years.  I take tabs of sulfur, that helps it.

KC has lupus, and her shoulder is messed up bad where here creepo- “boyfriend” slammed her into those french doors.  This why we don’t let people in our crib in Northeast.  She got beat up so many times I cannot even count.  A patch of her hair won’t grow back where one of them creeps pulled it out.. it gets sore and all scabby.

I can’t sort out her problems, I got a lot of my own!  BUT she can come over tonight and I will share this big old Pizza I got at the Aldis.   It’s one o’ those Take N Bake jobs..and KC will like it.


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