Aldi Take N Bake Pizza Review

Saturday Night Pizza

Just got one of these, a Sausage and Pepperoni Thin Crust.  Giant 16″ Pizza for $5.99.   You bake these at 375F for 11-15 minutes.  Mine got done in about 12 minutes.  I macked it up with green olive, slices of tomato,  some Italian shredded cheese, and canned mushroom.  I also sprinkled bacon bits on it.

It’s got loads of meat on it, so it don’t need sausage or extra pepperoni.   I only put a little cheese on it.  You can’t add too much or it won’t get done.   I like “tomatoey” tasting pizza, so I sliced up 1 roma tomato and put it on there.   The cheese was Aldi Italian Shredded cheese.  It’s got Asiago, Mozzarella,  and Parmesan in it.   It’s tangy,  and a good “mack up” cheese for cheap frozen pizzas.

Verdict?  The BOMB boy that sucker was good!  The thin crust frozen pizza is a lot better, and this was no different.  Actually- these are not quite frozen, but in a cooler.  Mercy that sucker was good and a great value.  Will make this again- and again.  It is better than most local pizzarias around here.

I had their Meat Lover,  smaller,  normal crust before.   Eh, it was just o.k.  But this thin crust one,  that thing was great.


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