Gunshots at Night

A couple gunshots.  The cops cruising around and helicopters.  I talk to one woman who booted a woman staying with her, ‘cos she found needles.. syringes.  You have to be careful around Northeast.  This is why people will not take the homeless in.   Many of them can be dangerous.  ANYone can be dangerous around here,  even the store clerks.   People have ruthless attitudes.

There is something to be said for looking after yourself,  but cooperation with others can bring many benefits.   There is a saying,  “you cannot help others without helping yourself.”   This is often true,  but on the other hand,  you can get into bad situation if you make the wrong choice.

Many drug addicts around here have charming personalities,  they are not bad at all,  except when the demon gets ahold of them.   Then,  that demon comes first in their life.   Ahead of the kids,  family,  whoever, and whatever.

So,  society is unstable around here,  and in the Suburbs too.   It is bad for the kids.


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