Defeat of the Rivets

Man.. I did not have the tools to take the rivets off of the BMW window regulator off.  They are made out of frigging KRYPTONITE or something.   Just my luck.  Tried to dremel them,  but I just had a cheap cordless “knockoff” dremel.   It would take me a day to take that thing off.

SO.. I went to a local body shop.   The worker just brought his fine air drill and chisel and whanged them right off.  He only charged me $20 well worth it.  You have to have tools,  and GOOD tools.

Computers require incredible patience,  but working on cars, they are something else.  Always you need a new tool, a new part, or somethings broken off.   Working on my E Commerce scripts, my little pinkies are nice and white and clean.  But a car?  You can cut yourself,  the fuckin thing can fall on you,  burn yourself,  or electrocute yourself.


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