To Keep the Holes Patched up

What a exhausting battle it is!  My furnace went out,  the motor burned up.  My sister is fighting her pancreatic illness.  Joe and Tanya file suit… they take the car to another mechanic, who refuses to work on it,  since Hector fucked it up.  Now it is worse.  They need a new head gasket,  and very likely a new cylinder head on it.  They are arguing with Hector over it,  and now disgruntled customers are coming out of the woodwork.

I wait for the weather to clear to do the doors on my car, and then it is oil change,  coolant change.   My car runs good (knock on wood).  I might put some Irontite all weather seal in it as insurance against a blown head gasket.  No one kept up with the preventative maintenance (as usual).  Eh I hate to do the actual work, but it must be done or pay someone,  and unless they are familiar with my car,  they can likely screw it up.

Working on vehicles is daunting, and dangerous.

We are dependent upon heaters,   air conditioners, cars,  electricity.   Yep.   Each new convenience brings a new set of problems.  The Landlord fights with plumbing, bugs,  electricity.  I don’t even see how he makes any money at ALL from this place!  Then there are fights and stuff with the often rascally tenants.

The problem is always getting diagnosed incorrectly.  The “fix” is often quite laborious.


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