The Mysterious- world o’ Cars

Cars are great- until they break down, that is.  There are so many differences in the models, years, and even mid years, it drives a person nuts.   You have to study and study about what you are doing, unless you are familiar with that particular car.   Mine is a 1994 BMW E36.  This is the 318is Coupe.  It’s ok, but it is OLD.   I liked my Ford F150 better.

Door regulator (Mobile)I’ve been studying for weeks.  Got the Alternator on there.  Now I am studying the power doors.  It is complicated by waiting on parts, and getting the right tools.

I want to change the oil, and flush the coolant.  This car has close to 200k miles on it.  When I change that oil,  I am gonna add some AT205 seal conditioner to it, to see if I can help it out.    It needs a Oxygen sensor in it too.   All of these repairs are within my skill level,  but I still have to study, study, study.

The GearHead forums will show you the way.   Just type “Forum” and whatever model of car you have into Google.  Like “Forum Ford F150” and that will get you started.   If you are lucky, you can save the car.

Great Gearheads- these are my heroes.    Few people realize the pains and study that must be taken to fix stuff.  Like the Furnace,  for instance.  I have no idea what happened to that,  but I am focused now on finishing this automotive project.  Actually- these are lightweight,  easy repairs.  BUT- they must be done correctly,  or else you’ll have more problems,  maybe even worse ones.

When you are fixing  cars,  often,  so very often- the problem will not be diagnosed correctly in the first place.



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