The Machines

The machines run our lives.  First cars,  and increasingly,  computers and telephones.  ALWAYS you are fixing them.  My heater blew up.  The toilet needs a new valve.   My car is in pieces, and it seems the hardest one of all.  I am rebuilding the doors and have been waiting for the longest time for the parts to get here.  Plus the tools you  need.   You never seem to have exactly the right tool.

If you are poor,  these are life and death struggles.   There are always sharks wanting to “solve your problem” as in Automotive additive snake oil salesmen,  “Free Government Money” hustlers, etc.  You’ll meet them all the time,  especially automotive gimmicks.   Then there are the “Auto Credit” sharks, who will finance crushing rates.  I checked them out once, and was shocked at the staggering car payments they charge.

Right now I am watching YouTube videos of disgruntled customers that used Head Gasket “repair in a bottle” potions- and ended up making things worse!

I am always patching,  replacing, repairing, and studying.


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