Crabs in a Barrel action

My furnace conks out with a few cold days left.  It ain’t NOTHIN’ compared to the problems of others!   KC has got to go to the hospital because of Lupus, and now shingles.  That woman’s life is like agony.    Not to mention my sister,  who had that pancreatic surgery,  then the incision ruptured- because that cheap ass insurance company wanted to get her moving around too soon!  That was at fuckin’ Research Hospital- I will never go there to have a splinter removed!

Joe comes over.  He and Tanya bought a car,  and it overheats,  unfortunately- I think it is the head gasket.  They paid that Hector a bunch of money,  but it didn’t fix it now they are squabbling.   I don’t like to let Hector work on my cars.   He’s a greedy cabrone.   I like Enrique La Chispa,  and St. John Brake and Muffler.   People are like these ants.    Joe points 0ut this one broad,  this one troublemaker.   She’ll rip you off.   She’s been put out of several places, including those free places they use for troubled people.   These women,  you have to decide on a case by case basis.   KC,  in general gives me a good deal,  unless she is drunk.   Some of the other women- they are just like Poison.   Not to be messed with or trusted.  In general, they are involved in activity that will get YOU in a lot of trouble- like drugs.   It is like- they test you, to see how far they can go,  what they can get away with,   before you get pissed off.    People around here would make a crow blush.    People have a lot of problems- then,  they decide to fight.   Their dreams poof..and life blows up in their face.

But you can’t help them, at least in my experience.   You’ll wind up getting used.  Heaven sighs when they talk about changing their ways.


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