Food in the Inner City

I watch the ads all the time.  Abarrotes Mi Familia has changed,  with not any sales any more.  Sav A Lot has good deals- IF you buy 10lbs of product.   For example,  pork roast is $1.29 if you buy a big 10lb roast.  I call up KC and we will divide one up.

Beef is very expensive these days.  I remember when you could almost always get a chuck roast for $1.99.   I saw an ad for $3.49,  which is the lowest I have seen it in a long time.

Mi Mercado has closed down,  this makes a big hole in the available places to get food.  I am getting into stir fry,  and get big bags of Stir Fry veg from the Aldi,  and slice up pork cushion to make a very good stir fry.   Aldi also has decent stir fry sauces,  General Tso,  Sesame Teriyaki, etc.

That stir fry is good with almost any cut of pork.  It’s good with a lot of things,  but the pork is the cheapest and easiest to work with.


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