No good deed goes unpunished

My brother loves this saying.  But I helped him a lot.   He helped me too.   But the saying has a ring of truth to it.  If you help people around here,  often they keep coming back for more.  Or,  you will injure yourself,  break something, or miss out on something when you stop to help them.

On the other hand,  if you do not help them, then some disaster will befall them.  It works that way.   This makes you feel guilty because a little help- would have saved them.  What reward do you get?  You get the reward of seeing them get going,  and living another day.

It is fascinating how life can turn out one way, or another,  when we do or say one thing, or another.

When I think of this cynical thought, well,  I think of all the good that was done for ME.. for free.  Doctors worked on me, other people helped me, and they helped me a lot.

Many people say- when we help others,  it is the same as helping ourselves.   Dave Singleton was one of the few I have met, who would ALWAYS help.   With  anything,  he would help people.  He has the goodwill of many people around here.  But he got his hand bit- a lot.


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