Women get the WORST of it

Women get the worst o fit.. in society’s general evil.  That is what I think.  I see some of the worst behaviors of women here in this area.   These chicks will make a CROW blush, and they can be downright murderous.   Many are dirty, filthy, and even stink.   They are hard to deal with,  because they will rip you off.  But- how hard people are on them!

Few people realize about the fights between women.  One famous fight was down at the Apple Market, when Cassandra the checkout girl, and a customer who was bad mouthing one of her children duked it out right at the cash register.

Brandis, who is deceased,  learned she had to fight, as she was prostituting and using drugs.  The other girls would beat her ass and take her money.  She finally cut one girl bad (according to the other girls).   Many these girls carry knives.   Some are passive and sweet.  Others are real bitches.    They are really into “living the life.”  Man, why don’t they watch “Ozzie and Harriet?”  Change the channel or something.   People design their own delusion, then it becomes real.

People are like animals in Northeast.   I see the splendid lives a few people have lived in America, but it is not like that around here.   There’s no hope, not real hope,  around here.  They’ll get these hot flashes of determination,  but their bubble soon gets burst.

It blows me away seeing their problems.

As the song goes.. “I don’t need your war machines,  I don’t need your ghetto scenes.”

BUT.. as far as the world goes, women,  even these tough street women,  they seem get the WORST of it.   They are stupid idiots,  that is for sure,  but boy, do they ever GET IT.

“Let the scars of others teach us wisdom”– Confucius (or somebody like that).

“The bravest battle that ever was fought!
Shall I tell you where and when?
On the maps of the world you will find it not;
‘Twas fought by the mothers of men.”

(eh by SOMEBODY” dunno who)


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