The Losers- are More Interesting

I watch these people struggle like ants.  The poor, and the ultra poor that are rarely shown on America’s Tvee screen.  I am often reminded of stories such as “The Frill”– by Pearl S. Buck.  Another author I am reminded of is The Jungleby Upton Sinclair.

It is sometimes that hard for people around here.   They live- and then finally,  they just run out of gas.   HOW THEY GET FUCKED by the Amerikan legal system is what is so appalling.

BUT..they are far more interesting than American corporate creatures.  Dave downstairs is more interesting than Justin Bieber,  Miley Cyrus, or the corporation generated “heroes” that I am supposed to swoon over.

They get checked into jail  A lot of times, JAIL is a safer place for them!  At least it is warm in there,  and they are safe from predators.   Women like Linda,  I don’t know how many times they have got their ass beat.   She was limping around with a cast on for a long time.  Do they get a bunch of money by suing, writing a book etc?  Hell no.

I must confess,  their misery,  is fascinating.  Unfortunately- what we contemplate also affects us,  and it’s depressing.


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