Les Miserables

The temperature is now dropping back toward the 30’s.  I go out to check on my car.   Freezing rain makes the mud slippery outside, and I nearly fall.   One poor woman is out there on the front porch, she’s a crazy.   I go out to check on my car, so she starts babbling.. “he’s got my debit card.   I’m waiting for him to come back,  he’s got my debit card.”   Which is bullshit. She’s just making up a story so I will not run her off.     You see it all the time around here.   She is out there babbling, but is harming no one, so I let it pass.

Earlier,  Bambi told me there was a shooting right here on this street.   She said it happened  a couple days ago,  one car chases another.   The tires were shot out of the fleeing car.   Didn’t see it in the papers, but that is what she said.

I hope Linda gets straightened out at the shelter.  I hope everyone gets straightened out.

I can’t believe the pain that people live through.    It is in their bodies, and in their souls.


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