Who do I admire the most? A good Gearhead.

A great mechanic is who I admire. In all sorts of weather things on cars and trucks start to give out.  Our world depends on gizmos and gears,  electricity,  gas pipes that break,  water pipes that are old as the hills.   When they break,  who will fix them?

Mechanics get a very high wage in the U.S.,  it is a kind of tax for our laziness and stupidity.   Automobiles seem the most complex and intricate of all. It’s time consuming figuring out what is wrong with these wonderful things, that are now “pieces of shit.”

There are mysterious plastic clips,  bolts that fall out, strange gizmos that work a certain way.   Some cars, you have to be careful if you take the battery out.

Often, you MUST study history, because the designs change.  Sometimes more than once in a year!  Different suppliers supplied different parts.

What a good idea was the Volkswagen beetle and the Model T!  The model T was the same design from 1908 to 1927.  That is 19 years.  The VW beetle surpassed that, but the design changed too.  But not like other cars!

A lot of gear heads are not any good, which is the same with doctors (unfortunately).   Sometimes, you will run onto a good one.


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