The Complicated Life

is this world better off? Everything seems complicated beyond description.   I am building up a website now,  just to sell some stenciled,  airbrushed, hand painted shirts.  It is very satisfying making these shirts.  FUN.    I am using PrestaShop, but like Joomla-  it’s gotten complicated as hell!

That’s the secret.  They make things complicated, then- they fleece your ass.

My Old BMW.  Some little plastic clips are fuckin’ up those electric windows.  I like rollup windows,  like on a pickup truck far better.  That whole car is complicated l- but the newer ones are even MORE complicated!  I have to read for hours just to find out how to fix the fuckin’ door!  Compare that to a Model T door.’s probably just solid wood!  No Airbag.  No car alarm. No RADIO either I never play the $^&@# radio anyways.

What I did was make a couple YouTube Vids.. here’s one:  and then another.

From Joseph Wambaugh:  “The first thing you learn, is that everybody lies.”

I study, study study..and still it turns into a can o’ worms.   You will never find happiness.. you will be lucky just to reduce the pain.   We see people working, working, working.  We see people living, and don’t got a clue as to the torment they are going through.   Like these struggling ants.


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