Bring back the Model T

They ought to bring back the Ford Model T.  I am not joking.  Well a, a modern version of it.  The Model T engine is listed on Ward’s 10 Best Engines of the 20th century.

The Model T didn’t even have a fuel pump!  It relied on gravity feed, and it didn’t have a water pump either.   Henry Ford made it out of the finest materials he could find,  not like the plastic of today’s cars.  At $850 brand new,  any one who had the smallest job could afford one, even back then.

Also listed is the VW flat 4 engine,  the engine of the Volkswagen Beetle. The Honda is a good car, but it’s too complicated. There’s too much electrical crap on it to make it keep going.   I like that Ford F150.  The old ones,  not the new ones.  A cheap initial price.  Keeps running forever.  Nice heater,  nice A/C on it.   EVERYTHING worked on that old Ford, and I didn’t give but $750 for it.  You could haul stuff with it,  although I hardly ever did.

Actually,  GM has engines on this list, so does Honda, Toyota,  BMW, Ford, and Porsche.

I am surprised the Ford inline 300cu 6cyl is not on this list.  That thing is indestructible.

In India, many cars are more like Cushmans.  3 wheel jobs.  I am not saying get one of those.  I am saying..  GET A OLD FORD F150!  That thing was the best I ever had.


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