Your “Wonderful” Family

I have a problem with my old BMW’s windows.  The f*ing power windows, there is something wrong with it.

Me: “my power window it won’t go up and the window is open!”

Brother 1:  He’s drunk and ain’t answering his phone.  He had a use for me a while ago when he needed a place to stay.   Did he do the same for me when I needed it?  Hell no.  I sold him my trusty F150 for what  I paid for it,  after HIS truck got fucked up when crooks tried to steal it.

Brother 2: “Why’d you have to buy a BMW?  Why didn’t you buy a Toyota, Honda, or Ford F150.  I know, you are a crack head!”  (anything to give himself a excuse not to help me.  PLUS the pleasure of injecting venom)  This really pisses me off,  because I hate drugs.

My sister’s the most helpful, encouraging one, and she has terrific problems from her pancreatic surgery.  She just lives in pain.   Not one of the fuckheads even called her.

In the USA it is matter of fact when someone finally drops over..kicks the bucket.  People just run out of gas- from the pain and struggle.  I suppose- it is this way all over the world.

Most people’s family are like that– they’re a bunch of assholes.   They wait for that right moment, to rub the salt in the wound.  They wait for years, like spiders.

One woman I knew came back here from San Francisco.. she hadn’t been back to Misery for years,  lives in California, not that I blame her.  Well her sweet “family” wouldn’t even let her into the house.   Her brother particularly sticking the poison knife in.  They are entwined in the web of their wonderful “personalities.”

On the other hand, you help people and they cling to you and call you a phoney.   So there ya go.  You help them- and they start calling every day.  If you miss one call- you are a “phoney bastard.”  This ‘hood is full of people that just burned themselves up.   I do not know HOW they got ate up, but they did.  By the way.. if your “wonderful family” hears of you helping someone else,  they are ate up by rage.

The murders are just the tip of the iceberg in society’s malevolence, hubris and venom.  It is a miracle that even one child gets fed.


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