WHO will stop the Rain?

I am jacking around trying to get this software up so I can maybe sell some shirts.  Poor Fred is moving around slow.   My brother was stupid enough to buy a house with a woman out in the suburbs..now he is FORKED like in a chess game.   Everything that will break, is gonna break.  I read quotes by Charles Bukowski..who went through his whole life drunk.   Not to say that Bukowski did not write great stuff- he was great.  But I need a plumber more!  I admire a great auto mechanic almost the most in this world.

How can people do that..go through life drunk, or on drugs?  Bukowski did, I cannot believe how long he lived with the way he abused himself.   So much stuff is always broken, every day something is busted and needs to be fixed.    Myself, I try prayin’.. just KEEP ON praying!

I watch my damn car all night.. I watch my wallet too.  I love the way Odell used to put it:  “never let ANYONE into your crib.”

Then there are the health problems.  Poor Fred walking around, he is having a hard time now I feel sorry for him.   He really ain’t that bad.   They squabble over at the building next door..”you’ a nothin’ bum who is always broke, and I want my money!”

As far was women being nice.. well I wouldn’t agree with that statement.  Want to have a child?  Invest in a test  tube.   The world just rocks, this way and that,  and I can never quite figure it out.  First, I will feel sorry for that “poor little woman”.. but then, they are little shits.  They’re like these spiders.

I like people, even love them, but I don’t want them near me.  Their egos,  their feelings are hurt, they’ve got a an axe to grind.  They come to YOU and want YOU to make up for some deficiency they have experienced.  They DO get fucked over,  but as John Lennon said:  “what the hell am I supposed to do?”


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