Not as bad as L.A., but still

The thugs around here are more like these starvin’ cats than anything else.  It is relatively peaceful around here- for now.  There is not near the punk action that is usually around here.

Why couldn’t I have invented Bitcoins?  Most people around here don’t even know what Bitcoins  are,  they can’t even figure out Social Security or healthcare.   Even the nurses at the hospital cannot figure out  the health care system.

But at least the highly organized prison gangs do not seem to have a hold around here,  at least, I hope they don’t.

Everyone wants their own “underground” world,  and has their own idea of what people should be like, what the world should be like.   Last night my car got hit by some eggs,  it could be anyone.   Could be some of the people I would NOT let “move in on me.”  Could be the people I was watching in a screaming match on the end building.

“Do you hate people?
I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around.”
Charles Bukowski, Barfly


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