Cheapo Water Filter

cheap water filter  I bought these water filters from Ebay, hoping to solve my problem- cheap.  I read the reviews on Amazon which were not good.  Nobody can figure out how to fit them to the faucet!  The water in this building is very cloudy because the pipes are so old.

I used this auction on ebay:

5x Home Kitchen Simple Easy Faucet/Tap Water Clean Filter Purifier Head PP

They were cheap.. $4.50 for 5 of them.  It took me a while to figure out how to get them on the faucet.   They are designed to just force over the faucet.  The fit was very tight,  I could not force the rubber over the faucet, so what I did was just cut a couple of small slits in the rubber, and I mean small.. don’t cut too much or it will leak.  I unscrewed the head on the faucet, the little part that holds a screen just before the water comes out.

Then, you just force it over the faucet head.  Then,  put it back on the faucet.  Tighten it so it don’t leak.

The bottom line?:  they work great!  The water is now very clear, crystal clear coming from the faucet.  It comes out with good pressure.  Not bad at all.  


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