El Paso Del Norte Restaurant on Independence Ave.

I went to this place the past two mornings.  They seem primarily a bakery, but they have a little kitchen.  The big feature about this place is that is open very early.   I think it opens at 0500.

The food there is pretty basic.  BUT.. their burrito is huge and a good bargain for $3.99.   They have a steam table filled with all sorts of stuff.  Barbacoa (shredded beef),  two or three kinds of pork.   Scrambled eggs mixed with ham or potatoes.  Beans, rice, and chicken.   Whatever you want.    Then they have the vegetables to go on top.  They give a huge burrito for $3.99.   I enjoy it quite a bit.

Man what a meal.  I don’t think I will need anything else to eat today.

They also make Empanadas.  Their Empanada is a little different, because they use flaky pastry crust on it.   So it’s more like a apple turnover, except filled with meat.

Across the street is Flor De Chiapas.   I like this place for tacos and Tamales.   They are located at about Independence and Indiana streets.. a little west of Benton and Independence Avenue.


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