I go to see my sister, who has a cyst on her pancreas, and on her hernia.  Her hernia is on a ruptured incision,  from when she was out at the $&&@#^! Research Hospital.  Dunno if Fred is out of the hospital, and.. it is the health care, the ill health of people that sticks out in my mind.

Prevention is better than a pound of cure, and people, we live our lives without thinking of the consequences.

As soon as there is life, the danger begins.

I pray and meditate,  just for our survival!  What a soap opera.. WHAT a SOAP OPERA.

Eh..NO.. I am not a “honky tonk man.”   I don’t want a “Bud Lite”.. I don’t want a Marlboro, and I don’t want any #&%# dope.


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