Smooth Jazz

Tonight I was listening to this.. how relaxing.  Love that smooth Jazz.  This guy’s name is Brian Culbertson.  All is quiet outside.  The barricades are holding!  The infected are not out there, prostituting, etc.   Looks like I can get on to sleep.  I love the bass parts on some of Brian’s songs, and the way the bass player plays them.  Love it.

I even like country songs, by David Ball,  Keith Whitley,  Ricky Shelton,  George Jones and others.

It’s been all right,  except for the usual cigarette bums banging on my door and ringing my door bell off.  These bums around here can, and will be dangerous.   They will turn around and bite your hand clean off.  There’s bums out on the street,  there are bums right in this building.

People are not all bad..but the way they lean on you,  they won’t let go of you!

Often, if you do them a favor, help them, well they just want more.

The smooth Jazz.. it smooths it over.


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