You MUST have a Car in the USA- Even in the Inner City

The bus system in Kansas city is terrible.  Unless you live on a direct route, it will take you hours to get to the simplest destination.  Even a destination only a couple of miles away.  The fare is $1.50.  Most people only take them for a short hop,  unless they are lucky enough for a direct connection.

This does not compare to many places in the world,  such as Bangkok, for instance.  They have trikes, vans, and even “moto taxis”,  where you hop on to the back of a motorcycle!  They have Rickshaws, buses,  and water taxis.

Why is this not the case in the USA?  One reason is the monopoly that Taxi cab companies have on a taxicab license.   They were expensive enough, at a few thousand dollars,  years ago.  Now they are through the roof, and certain people want to keep it that way.  In Seattle, for instance, a Taxi license is $360,000.   And that ain’t hay!

I’ve tried to drive a taxi before, and it is a ridiculous joke of a job.  I do not remember what that rental fee was on that cab.   I think it was $250 you had to pay, before you started making money for yourself.  The lease was $250 per day.


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