Nobody knows, but Jesus

Like struggling ants, are the people ’round here.  My brat relatives out in the suburbs got Laptops- tablets in school, iPhones.   Shit we didn’t have nothin but a Big Chief tablet.  WOE to the fool who back sassed the teacher in those days!  They’d give you a swat, maybe two.   A hard paddle to your backside.  Oh GOD how that hurt!   Perhaps it didn’t help, though.  I hated school.

I go to the V.A. hospital and have blood drawn.  Ouch, and I look at the medical torture devices they have there.  It is SCARY.   People in bad shape, really bad shape.

It’s scarier than a Dario Argento movie.  Then craving for  money,  the water in these old buildings, the bugs,  the bills..and more taxes to pay for a fuckin’ Chiefs stadium.  No matter what they have,  people want MORE money.

Fred sick again, and poor Bambi she is like a struggling ant.   People are like these ants, and that anthill gets kicked in over and over again.

People..they were this, and they were that.  Fred and Bambi have had a lot of adversity in their life.  When they got their car ripped off, that just broke their back

Everyone around here, got crapped on at some point in their life.  Some people rebound- but others do not.


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