Making Jalapenos on George Foreman Grill

Making Jalapenos on your George Foreman grill.  I couldn’t find a straight answer on Google, so I will post it here.  Yes you can, and it works good!  Took about 10 minutes,  I put them on lengthwise, aligned with the ribs.  I kept turning them until they were soft, and they had that charred look to them.

Worked out really well, and it’s simple.  My George Foreman is a old one I got at a Thrift store.  A large one,  with only 1 temperature setting.  I had made some bacon on it first.  I love the way the George Foreman makes bacon, it is the best way to make bacon.

I set them aside.  I am going to use the Jalapeno and the bacon in some canned pinto beans that I got from the Church.  It should wake them up,  and the Pinto beans are very good for a person.  Gonna throw in a couple of hamburgers that I have in the fridge too, for good measure.


2 thoughts on “Making Jalapenos on George Foreman Grill

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